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July 3, 2023

Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC Label template)

SSCC:Serial Shipping Container Code Standard international logistics labels are designed to replace confusing and repetitive labeling practices with standardized data structures, label designs, and label placement standards. The only requirement for the best practices used to label logistics units around the world is that each logistics unit must have a unique serial number or “serial shipping box code” (SSCC) identifier. The Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) is a globally unique code that provides a unique identifier for a logistics unit (transport and/or storage). The logistics unit identification code consists of four parts: extension bit, manufacturer identification code, serial number and […]
February 20, 2022

GHS Label Template Download

GHS labels are used to record information about a chemical substance, etc. Note: If the object is a mixture, instead of a label for each ingredient, you can make a label for the mixture. Order of presentation of necessary information and content on GHS labels Required information on the label The required information on the label is as follows: a) Pictograms representing hazards; b) Warning; c) Hazard statement; d) Notes; e) Product name; f) Manufacturer/Supplier. The order of presentation of label content: When the classification result according to GHS is relative to a certain hazard category and level, use the […]
February 8, 2022

PTI label template

The Product Traceability Initiative Label, also known as the PTI Label, is an industry wide effort to label and track produce from the field to the grocery store. This traceability process allows produce to be quickly and efficiently tracked by scanning a barcode label, adhered to produce cases from the grower’s field, all the way to the grocery store. E-label offers everything you need to create, design and print PTI labels that meet GS1 standards and make it from the “field to the fork”. What is PTI? So, what exactly is PTI? PTI stands for Product Traceability Initiative. Throughout the […]
January 21, 2022

Medical logistics distribution barcode application specification and template download

Application specification of barcode for pharmaceutical logistics distribution The packing box code of pharmaceutical logistics distribution consists of “pharmaceutical logistics distribution identification code” and “pharmaceutical logistics distribution additional attribute information code”. Pharmaceutical logistics distribution identification code is a mandatory option, and the medical product identification code is used when it indicates the storage and transportation of packaged medical products, and it is used when it indicates the medical products of the logistics unit. Pharmaceutical product identification codes are GTIN-13 or GTIN-14 codes. Logistic unit identification codes are serial shipping container codes  The additional information code for pharmaceutical logistics distribution includes […]
January 11, 2022

GHS Example labels – Single language label for a substance

Single language label for a substance (not for the general public) This example represents a simple label for a substance for supply and use which takes into account the CLP label elements only. It shows the CLP terminology and pictograms in accordance with CLP Article 17(a) and (c) to (g), i.e. the product identifiers, the identity of the supplier, the signal word, the hazard pictograms, the hazard and the precautionary statements. As the substance is not supplied to the general public, the nominal quantity of the substance contained in the package is not required on the label. Considering the industrial/professional […]
December 28, 2021

Amazon Transparency Label Sample

Transparency 2D barcode requirements Some manufacturers now label their products with Transparency 2D barcodes to better track their inventory and ensure its authenticity. Your Transparency-enabled products for sale on Amazon must be appropriately labeled with Transparency codes. The Transparency-enabled ASINs you source from vendors must also include Transparency codes. Identifying Transparency 2D barcodes on a product Transparency 2D barcodes are affixed to the outer packaging of each individual unit of the product. Generally, it is square and printed in black and white. For example: Benefits of the Transparency Program Protect your at-risk productsIf you have a best-selling product or sell […]
November 24, 2021

GS1 DataMatrix template download

Data matrix Datamatrix codes are usually used to label small items, goods and documents. Their tiny footprint makes them ideal for small products in logistics and operations. In fact, the U.S. Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) recommends that they be used to label small electronic components. Similar to QR codes, they have high fault tolerance and fast readability. Datamatrix codes offer high data density, which means they take up less space on products and assets. They’re also designed to be readable even in low resolution or with unideal scanning positions. Like many other 2D barcodes, Datamatrix codes offer strong fault tolerance […]
November 22, 2021

CODE 93 sample download

The benefits to using the Code 93 barcode type are grounded in it’s ability to store more information in a smaller space, while enabling additional security within the barcode itself. A label produced in Code 93 is approximately 25% shorter than the same label produced in Code 39. It’s compact size is one of the reasons it’s used today to label electronic components, identify products in retail inventory and provide supplementary package delivery information for the Canadian Post. CODE 93 Symbol Structure The symbol comprises the following elements: Leading quiet zone Start character Input characters that represent data Two check […]
Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC Label template)
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