May 14, 2022
Dining Automation

Restaurants and foodservice businesses during COVID-19

Although the restaurant industry has recovered slightly since the pandemic’s peak, many restaurants are still facing overwhelming challenges that keep them from running their operations smoothly.  Even as restrictions are slowly being lifted, restaurants can’t operate at 100 percent due to increasing operational costs and an unprecedented labor shortage. Restaurant owners must develop new ways to work more efficiently and attract more customers. Robot assistance is one solution to both these problems and could be the next big shift that will change the entire restaurant industry. Technology in the Restaurant Industry The food and beverage industry is no stranger to new technologies, especially […]
May 14, 2022

It’s time for inventory management automation

Accurate inventory management is crucial to running a successful business because it directly impacts a company’s bottom line and is key to maximizing profits. Having an accurate handle on inventory enables a business to become more resilient and know what they can sell and when they can sell it, helping mitigate out-of-stock scenarios.  At one point, inventory management was a meticulous, lengthy and manual process for the Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC), an independent member-owned, managed and governed cooperative of North American Subway franchisees, which is responsible for approximately 24,000 Subway restaurants. “Conducting inventory would take two to three hours per […]
May 11, 2022

Vehicle Identification Number: How to find and decode a VIN

A VIN or Vehicle Identification Number is like a social security number, serial number or UPC code for a car. It’s given to a car by its manufacturer and no two VINs are the same. The VIN is a unique string of 17 characters that identify a variety of characteristics about a car including: Where the car was builtThe manufacturerThe brand, engine size, trim and typeA Vehicle Security code (meaning the car has been verified by the manufacturer)The assembly plant where the vehicle was put togetherThe serial number of the vehicle VINs can also tell you things like what kind […]
April 29, 2022

Closing the gap between instore and online fulfilment

In the past 10 years, the gap between instore and online purchasing is beginning to close. Accelerated by the 2020 global pandemic, the rise in popularity of click and collect has enabled retailers to combine their current instore and online offerings. Providing convenience to both the customer and the retailer, click and collect has enabled businesses to turn their stores into fulfilment centre hubs – drawing inventory from shelves to fulfil online orders. These stores are also now being used as return centres which in turn centralises the control of a business’s inventory distribution. Technology within the fulfilment process has […]
April 29, 2022

BIXOLON Showcases the Latest in Logistics Printing at Intralogistica 2022

Intralogistica – (03.05-06.05.2022, Milan, Italy) BIXOLON, the global manufacturer of advanced Receipt, Label and Mobile printers will be joining Handheld Group, a global manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, tablets and PDAs at Intralogistica 2022 in Pavilion 6, stand C43-D44 to explore their leading range of mobile and labelling solutions suitable for supply chain management, intralogistics and manufacturing operations. Exhibition Product Highlights will include: Mobile Printers – Showcasing its award winning range of mobile receipt and label solutions, BIXOLON will be demonstrating the SPP-R310 plus 3-inch (80mm) and the SPP-R200III 2-inch (58mm) mobile receipt printers. Plus the premium XM7-40R 4-inch (112mm) RFID mobile label printer with encode & […]
April 22, 2022
ProGlove的MARK Display条码扫描器

Wearable barcode scanner with 3D printing capabilities

Wearable barcode scanner manufacturer ProGlove has partnered with DyeMansion and FORMRISE to complete mass production of its latest product. ProGlove’s go-to-market goal is to take the ubiquitous digital device in an industrial barcode scanner and make it smart and wearable. The startup was founded 6 years ago and has been working with post-processing company DyeMansion ever since, most recently with service provider FORMRISE, after initially using a Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) platform in the maker space. Its MARK line of products includes the MARK Basic, MARK 2 Mid Range, MARK 2 Standard Range and the recently launched MARK Display, which displays […]
April 17, 2022

Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions for Warehouses

Warehouses can benefit greatly from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Innovative software is available for mobile devices that are used to scan products. Traditional bar code scanners are used along with other smart gadgets that have capabilities for reading different types of codes and graphics that are printed on product packages. Every scanning device must be linked to some sort of database that contains a wealth of information about the onsite inventory. Product accountability is a major component of ERP solutions for warehouse settings. Every single item must be labeled with a date and time stamp for identifying production and arrival […]
April 17, 2022

Is the idprt sp410 thermal label printer any good?

If you go to shipping carriers like USPS, FedEx or UPS to ship items, you can see that all of them use a thermal label printer to print and affix labels to your packages. Unlike inkjet or laser printers, thermal printer uses heat to produce image on paper and it is proved to be more efficient and economical. We are checking out the iDPRT SP410 thermal label printer in this review. Disclosure: We received the product for review but we spent time testing it to make sure the review is honest and unbiased. Features & Performance The iDPRT SP410 printer’s setup process takes […]