About us

Suzhou E-Label Information Technology Co., Ltd

Founded in 2008, E-Label is a developer of numerous SMB and enterprise-class barcode and label solutions. E-Label solutions help businesses meet compliance standards, improve customer responsiveness, improve operational and supply chain efficiency, enhance brand consistency and brand protection, and improve collaboration with business partners and continuity of business initiatives.

E-Label software helps organizations around the world improve security, protection, efficiency, and compliance by creating and automating labels, barcodes, RFID tags, plastic cards, and more. Hundreds of companies in manufacturing, chemicals, healthcare, food and beverage, aerospace, pharmaceutical, supply chain/logistics, and other industries trust E-Label to operate their businesses using their labeling and marking processes.

E-Label's latest label platform is the market's most trusted label technology, providing unparalleled productivity in label design and label lifecycle management, from automated label printing for enterprise business applications to on-site or cloud-hosted online printing for business partners.

E-Label provides solutions for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. E-Label's next-generation technology provides a powerful platform for centralizing and integrating labeling operations across the supply chain, providing operational efficiency and accuracy, resulting in significant annual savings.

Many well-known companies rely on E-Label solutions to consolidate labels, work with business partners, and leverage their supply chains to provide strategic advantages.


We have a dream and work for it.

Growth Process

Our journey. We can do better.
  • February 2024Release E-Label Pro 2024

    Released version 2024.0218.30 of E-Label software. Fixed the saving issue of tag library; Increase the control of printing direction, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees; Cloud tag library fixes multiple bugs; Added tag sharing function; Add user information page...
  • July 2023Release E-Label Pro 2023

    Released E-Label Software Version 2023.0720.29. custom base system of the character type of the serial number; Add barcode position anchor function; Revision of cloud tag library; Fixed the issue that the barcode of Canon printer was not displayed...
  • October 2022Release E-Label Pro 2022

    Release of E-Label Pro 2022 version. Optimize the label printing function, support variable control output printing, open the English official website www.ai-barcode.com
  • October 2021Release E-Label Pro 2021

    Release of E-Label Pro 2021 version. Optimize the label printing function, support variable control output printing, open the English official website www.ai-barcode.com
  • August 2020Release E-Label Pro 2020

    Release E-Label Pro 2020 version. Improve the function of the cloud label system. Optimize various functions of object design
  • October 2019Release E-Label Pro 2019

    Release of E-Label Pro 2019 version. A general customized version is launched for distributors.
  • August 20182018Release E-Label Pro 2018

    E-Label 10th anniversary, release of E-Label Pro 2018 version. Add cloud functions.
  • March 2017Release E-Label Pro 4.0

    Release E-Label Pro 4.0 version. E-Label Pro was listed in Top 10 Reviews "Professional Barcode Software". E-Label releases SDK for developers. Opened the Chinese official website www.yi-label.com
  • April 2016Release E-Label Pro 3.0

    Release of E-Label Pro 3.0 version. E-Label is named "易标签" in Chinese.
  • July 2015Enterprise labeling solution

    E-Label launches an enterprise labeling solution. The development team adopts world-class practices (Agile, Scrum, Test Driven Development, etc.).
  • December 2014Cooperation with automation

    Release E-Label Pro 2.0 version. OEM automation printer driver and label design software.
  • February 2013Cooperation with BarcoderTEC

    E-Label and BarcoderTEC co-branded printer drivers and label design software.
  • November 2011The official version of E-Label software

    Established the E-Label brand and released E-Label Pro 1.0 version.
  • April 2010Windows printer driver

    Released the first Microsoft Windows driver for barcode label printers.
  • October 2008 Release the first version of barcode printing program

    Release the open source program DrawItemBase.cs
  • May 2008 Development team established

    Set up a development team for label printing software.