Barcode label making in retail industry

E-label is used for printing, marking and tracking product labels in the retail industry

Barcode labeling software for printing, marking and tracking retail inventory

E-label provides various software solutions for designing and printing product price labels and delivery labels that meet the bar coding and compliance label requirements of the retail industry. You can easily adapt to changes in labeling requirements with flexible configurable solutions

label printing application in retail industry

  • Product price tag
  • Shipping label
  • Packaging label
  • Integrate label printing and inventory tracking operations with enterprise information systems

Move inventory

To move inventory from one warehouse to another, or from one market to another, you need a flexible bill label printing process that allows you to print label bills from any location. With the network synchronization function of e-label, you can centrally manage pricing and deploy pricing changes and other changes in real time. Therefore, no administrator or it support is required. You can immediately deploy standardized printing to stores, distribution centers, and even the entire supply chain

Brand consistency and protection

Your business users can use our flexible common templates to create labels that meet brand requirements. The built-in tag designer supports RFID and other functions to help you build anti-counterfeiting measures in tags

supply chain optimization

By using e-label, you can extend the standardized bill label printing process to external suppliers. Suppliers can print bill labels locally, while you still maintain centralized control over all bills and pricing information. You can deploy ticket changes (such as price adjustments) in real time and keep an overview of all printed tickets. This ensures a standardized printing process, regardless of the specific printer model. You can flexibly place bill operations anywhere in the supply chain without worrying about inaccurate bills

E-Label provides solutions for label printing in the retail industry

The preset template of easy label is applicable to a wide range of industry standards and international formats. Our complete label printing history ensures that we can quickly find the source of any label error

Your business is so dependent on the correct label, you need a "bulletproof" label making process to avoid error prone processes such as manual data input. Our labeling software can digitize and centralize the whole quality assurance process to ensure label quality

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