E-label software makes shipping and logistics labels

E-Label solutions open up many opportunities for supply-chain operations to improve their processes.
With barcoding technologies, if the goal is to improve productivity, accuracy, quality and flexibility, E-Label can print and deliver.

Transportation and logistical labeling

Use E-Label to make logistics labels to keep the process flowing and send the products out.

Regardless of the reason, slowing down or stopping of processes is the most serious economic loss that can occur in transportation and logistics companies. Easy Label is committed to providing labeling solutions that can be integrated with existing systems. It is flexible enough to provide appropriate labels on demand.

Thousands of warehousing and transportation businesses around the world use E-Label's solutions every day, and they believe that their equipment and systems will help achieve their service promises.

E-Label's transportation and logistics solutions have opened up many opportunities for supply chain operations and improved its processes. Using barcode or RFID technology, if the goal is to increase productivity, accuracy, quality and flexibility, E-Label can be printed and delivered.。

Warehouse management

Use barcode to realize intelligent warehouse

Using the best hardware and software customized according to your needs to integrate the supply chain, experience dynamic order fulfillment, and realize transformational benefits. From receiving to picking, staging and loading-based on real-time actionable information, you can make influential decisions through flexible, optimized, compatible and connected methods.

Whether you are in charge of manufacturing warehousing, distribution centers, or inventory management in retail logistics areas, keeping connections and visibility to all assets, people and processes integrated, efficient, and excellent at all times The key to a compliant supply chain for profitability lies. Easy Label's warehouse management printing solution can connect every operation area of your warehouse, providing you with the flexibility you need to realize the benefits of transformation.

Barcode label application in warehouse

  • Receipt: The incoming goods need to be received, disassembled in batches, labeled separately, and labeled for return processing.
  • Cross-dock: Generate and affix shipping labels when receiving goods, which can minimize processing procedures and speed up inventory turnover.
  • Inventory location: A good-quality barcode label is affixed to each storage location to help minimize errors.
  • Warehousing: Scan the barcode labels of the goods and the warehousing location to ensure the accuracy of the inventory.
  • Picking: Generate picking labels, packaging labels and pallet manifests to ensure more accurate picking operations.
  • Shipping: Shipping labels and consignment labels can continue to be tracked after the goods leave the warehouse.

E-label provides solutions for the production of compliant logistics labels

Although there are various operating activities, they all have common process activities, such as receiving goods, inventory management, work in process, and asset tracking.

Regardless of the industry, E-label label printing solutions can adapt to the language of the supply chain.

Worldwide, thousands of warehousing and transport operations use E-Label solutions every day, confident in the knowledge that their equipment and systems will help deliver on their service promise.For more printing information about shipping and logistics labels, please contact us and we will help you make the right choice for your business.