November 10, 2021

SATO LR4NX-FA Automatic printing and labeling machine with simple design and sturdy structure

On June 21, 2018, Tokyo-SATO, the world’s leading automatic identification solution provider that helps reduce corporate labor and simplify operation processes, announced the sale of LR4NX-FA automatic printing and labeling machines in China and the Asia-Pacific region. LR4NX-FA can be installed on existing conveyor lines and is equipped with SATO’s cloud-based IoT preventive maintenance system SOS (SATO Online Services). Through the implementation of preventive measures, faults can be eliminated in advance to ensure the stable operation of the factory production line. In recent years, automation has become a mainstream trend in either heavy industry or e-commerce services, manufacturing or logistics […]
November 9, 2021

The application of SATO’s unique PJM RFID technology in blood management

SATO’s unique PJM RFID is the only RFID technology that complies with ISBT standards and can be used to optimize the blood collection, supply and transfusion supply chain. The application of PJM RFID in blood management will be described in detail below. 1. Background With the development of RFID technology, its reliability and cost are sufficient to support the application of supply chain optimization management in more industries. The International Society of Blood Transfusion ISBT*1 (The International Society of Blood Transfusion) began to comprehensively analyze the results of RFID experiments in 2006, drafting and formulating recommended guidelines and corresponding standards […]
November 2, 2021

SATO barcode printer driver and software

SATO is a premier manufacturer of Industrial Thermal Printers, Print Engines, Laser Printers and RFID embedded tags and labels. Pioneers to the industry by introducing the first handheld labelers in 1962 and the world’s first thermal transfer printer in 1974. SATO is dedicated to enabling our customers with the power of IoT through engineered solutions that support their need for accuracy, sustainability, labor and resource saving systems. SATO serves the industries of retail, horticulture, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation logistics and warehousing services worldwide.
January 9, 2020

SATO RFID printer CT4-LX Redefining a new standard for label printers

Tokyo, January 9, 2020-SATO, a global leader in automatic identification and label solutions, announced the launch of a new RFID printer CT4-LX, and declared that this machine will redefine the new standard of label printers. What kind of machine gave SATO so much confidence? Because this is a compact industrial-grade printer with a “smart brain”. 4.3 inch LCD color touch panel SRA-RFID automatic calibration function (first launched by SATO) The antenna is automatically driven, and the read/write conditions of the RFID tag can be easily set in less than 1 minute. AEP function (SATO unique) No need to connect to […]
SATO LR4NX-FA Automatic printing and labeling machine with simple design and sturdy structure
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