November 24, 2021

Data Matrix & GS1 Data Matrix code

What is a Data Matrix code? Data Matrix (Data Matrix) is a two-dimensional code (also called a matrix) composed of black and white color blocks (cells) in squares or rectangles. It was developed by the American International Data Corporation in August 1994. The research and development is mainly used for parts, printed circuit boards, etc., and the American International Data Corporation was acquired by Microscan in 2008. [1][2][3] The encoded information may be text or digital data. The data size is usually a few to 1556 bytes. The length of the encoded data determines the number of color blocks in […]
November 24, 2021

GS1 DataMatrix template download

Data matrix Datamatrix codes are usually used to label small items, goods and documents. Their tiny footprint makes them ideal for small products in logistics and operations. In fact, the U.S. Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) recommends that they be used to label small electronic components. Similar to QR codes, they have high fault tolerance and fast readability. Datamatrix codes offer high data density, which means they take up less space on products and assets. They’re also designed to be readable even in low resolution or with unideal scanning positions. Like many other 2D barcodes, Datamatrix codes offer strong fault tolerance […]
Data Matrix &  GS1 Data Matrix code
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